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Classic Rock - CJNT- FM


Format Description

logoRock 107's Classic Rock format is rock that stands the test of time, defined by those who came of age in eras from the late 60’s to the 90’s. The music of our youth becomes the cornerstone of the musical heritage of our lifetime.

Classic Rock Artists: Rock 107’s audience grew up on everything from Lynyrd Skynyrd to the Police, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Guns n Roses, U2,
 Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, and all of the greatest rockers from the days when you had to be GREAT to be on stage. If you want the best Classic Rock, and great fun, listen no further than Rock 107

Rock 107's Classic Rock format is one of the most powerful performing formats for advertisers today!

Demographic Profile

Rock 107's listeners love Classic Rock.
There are over 30,000,000 persons 12+ living
 in Canada. More than 3,000,000 people listen to a Classic Rock radio station each week!

Classic Rock performs strongly in the 25-54 and 35-64 age demographics!

logoOntario Loves Classic Rock!

Where are Classic Rock/World Class Rock Listeners In Canada?

15% British Columbia
13% Prairies
12% Atlantic
8%  Quebec

Household Income & Gender

Rock 107 listeners have high disposable income!

Gender: 59% of Rock 107 listeners are male while 41% are female.

  Source: microBBM Spring 2014, P12+ in Belleville-Trenton

34% of Rock 107 listeners have a household income of over $100,000 a year.

26% of Rock 107 listeners have a household income of $60,000-$99,999.
25% of Rock 107 listeners have a household income of $30,000 - $59,999.

Rock 107 consumers earn high yearly household incomes.

Lifestyle Profile

Rock 107 targets home owners. Two thirds of ROCK 107’s listeners are homeowners. A huge category with these consumers is home improvement and home decorating.

logoHome Spending: started or completed in thepast 2 years

- Interior painting/wall paper
- Landscaping or yard improvements
- Plumbing
- Exterior painting/staining
- Deck/fencing
- Energy conservation projects
- Floor tiles or vinyl flooring

- Installed windows or doors
- Other home project(s)

Rock 107  listeners are 33% more likely than the average person in Belleville-Trenton to have shopped at a
home improvement store in the past year.

Rock 107 Targets Listeners With Purchasing Power

logoOccupation: Over 25% of Rock 107's listeners are employed as Managers, Owners or Professionals. Another 23% are working in Sales and/or Service occupations. ROCK 107’s listeners are 78% more likely to be employed as Tradesmen or as Skilled Equipment Operators when compared to Belleville-Trenton’s general population. 72% are working full-time (30+ hours per week) and 56% are college or university educated.

Marital Status: 69% of ROCK 107’s audience are married or living in a common law arrangement, 21% are single or have never married and 7% are widowed, separated or divorced.

Education: Classic Rock radio listeners are 33% more likely to have a college/trade post secondary education than the average Canadian. 48% have completed University or College.

logoRock 107 Listeners Are Active Consumers

 - Purchase a wide variety of electronic devices including computers, tablets, smart phones, MP3 players, video games, HDTVs, digital video recorders (TiVo) and digital cameras. 

-Are big consumers of furniture, major appliances, and automobiles.
- Purchased fine and costume jewelry, cosmetics, perfume, and skin care products.
- Enjoy going out to restaurants often every month.
- In the past year purchased men and women's clothing, infant and children clothing, men's and woman's shoes and accessories.


Restaurants (1+ time(s) in the past month) Reach %
- Buffet Style Restaurants 23%

- Bars/Pubs 21%
- Fine Dining Style Restaurants 14%

Retail (Shopped at in the past year)
- Discount/Dollar Stores 74%
- Home Building/Improvement Stores 61%
- Book Stores (incl. downloads) 47%
- Shoe Stores 44%
- Pet Stores 37%

Activities (participate in sometimes/regularly)
- Hiking/Camping 51%
- Fishing/Hunting 44%
- Golfing 35%
Boating 22%
- Went on Vacation in the Past Year 55%
1-2 Personal Air Flights in the Past Year 33%
Travelled for Vacation in Own Province 33%
Travelled for Vacation in Caribbean/Mexico 19%

- Have a Personal Line of Credit 63%
- Have RRSP’s 56%
Have a Tax Free Savings Account 50%
Have Mutual Funds 48%

Online activity (past month)
Research Products & Services on a Computer 60%

- Listen to Radio via Streaming/app on a computer 35%

Source: microBBM Spring 2014, P12+ in Belleville-Trenton

Investments: Rock 107 targets listeners who have high incomes and invest in real estate, mutual funds, stocks/bonds, retirement programs, savings accounts, etc.

Activity: Rock 107 attracts listeners who are very active participating in exercise and fitness, boating, biking, golfing, camping, hiking, and going to the cottage on weekends. These listeners dine out frequently, attend local and regional sporting events and concerts.

Rock 107 has wide demographic appeal with consumers
who have huge disposable income!

Listening Patterns

logoRock 107's ability to reach consumers anywhere and everywhere gives advertisers an edge over competitors.

88% of Classic Rock listeners tune in while in their vehicle.
70% of Classic Rock listeners tune in at home.
28% of Classic Rock listeners tune in from work.
11% of Classic Rock listeners tune in from other locations.

In the past week, 93% of Rock 107’s tuning audience tuned in to radio, 90% used the internet and 89% watched television.

Radio’s yesterday media exposure (89%) was the highest of all mediums. 84% of Rock 107’s tuning audience are Medium to Heavy users of radio.74% have streamed a radio station in the past month and 63% have accessed a radio station website in the past month. 

Wake Up With Justin Anderson And Dani Guppy Mornings On Rock 107

Justin Anderson and Dani Guppy have been entertaining listeners for years with their special brand of humour and the Best Classic Rock of all time.
Justin Anderson and Dani Guppy in the morning are second to none when it comes to putting a smile on your face and starting the day right with their take on the current events in the news, great games and prizes to start your day off better.

When asked their thoughts on morning radio, and working at Rock 107, they said, "The great news is that our new contract says we don't have to wear pants anymore to work. Our secret dream has finally come true!”

Join Justin Anderson and Dani Guppy Weekdays 5:30am - 9:00am On Rock 107.

Rock 107 Coverage Map


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